You've finally recorded an episode of your podcast but you said "um" in every second sentence and your guest went way off topic in the middle somewhere. The internet died just as you were getting to the good part and now you have to figure out how to put this together.

This is where our team of sound engineers step in. We'll listen through the entire episode and polish your content to get it to sound like the vision you have in your mind. We live for this stuff.

Marketing Materials

Alright, you've recorded your magnum opus and now all you want to do is share it with the world - but how do you get people to listen? You're gonna need an article, maybe one of those videos with the squiggly lines & subtitles (we call them audiograms) to publish on your social media. Let's figure out the best way for people to hear your message.

Publishing & Admin

You had a burst of inspiration and recorded 5 episodes in one day! You know when you want them to go out but now you've just created more work for yourself because you need to sit and upload the content and press "publish" at the exact right time because your audience is waiting for you. Now this means you're spending time on admin instead of all the other things on your to-do list.

Hand it over to us, we're a bunch of neurotic type A's who thrive on order. We'll whip up spreadsheets, double check them and make sure your podcast runs smoothly without you having to worry.

New Show Setup

So, you have an amazing idea for a podcast but are overwhelmed at the prospect of getting started. All you want to do is record awesome content and now you have to read a million articles to figure out what the hell you're supposed to do. Let us guide you through the entire process from setting up your hosting to getting your show onto streaming services. Stop worrying about the admin and get stuck into making amazing podcasts!

Is your podcast stressing you out?

Let’s figure out how to save you time and energy

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About Us

We are a boutique podcast production company

UpgradeMyPodcast is headed by Ethan Baird, an award winning radio producer who has been working with audio for 8+ years. Our team continues to expand as we recruit more sound engineers and other media producers. Our home base is in South Africa and have clients from all over the world.

We’re basically a team of audio nerds who, in a perfect world, would spend their entire day cutting up and polishing your content. We are obsessed with helping podcasters free up their time in order to focus on creating amazing content.



It has been a pleasure working with Ethan! He has been there for me from the moment the In FLOW podcast for women investing in real estate was only an idea, through launch date and to date. He takes care of everything from setup and publishing on iTunes, Libsyn, our website, to images, catchy title episodes, show notes, transcripts, and the entire production to market and reach my target audience with every episode. He definitely allows me to focus on the art of podcasting while he takes care of all the details. He is also very responsive, takes tremendous pride on his work and the time differences have never been an issue while working with him. If you hire Ethan you will have pressed the easy button for podcasting!
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InFLOW with Michelle Bosch
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Forever Cash Podcast

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