5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Podcast

In the past year, almost a million people started podcasting for the first time. People have started communicating with the rest of the world while being stuck in lockdown. For some, it was perhaps an ideal way to relieve their boredom. Whatever the reasons, podcasting is experiencing exponential growth and many people are looking to add their voices to podcasting platforms. In this article, we look at 5 reasons to start podcasting.

About a third of all those who recently started their podcasting journey did not make it past episode number two. For some, it was just a way of trying out the medium and finding out they didn’t like it. For others, it proved to be too much work.

You would be wise to examine the reasons you have been considering becoming a podcaster before you dive in and start recording your first episode. Here are five motivations why you should become a podcaster.

You are an expert in your field.

You have studied for many years, have a postgraduate degree and/or have been working in a certain area for many years. People look up to you as an expert because you have a lot of knowledge to share. Perhaps you are a financial expert, or a guru when it comes to marketing. Your insights and understanding on the topic will help a great many people and add value to their lives.

Whatever your field of expertise, if you are willing to share your knowledge and experience, podcasting might be an excellent way to share it with a wider audience. It will position you as a leader in your field, the expert that can be relied on for answers.

You want to build an audience.

Nobody wants to go to all the trouble of producing regular podcasts if nobody listens to them. Building an audience is what it’s all about. It is an important reason to start podcasting

Some people may only listen once or twice, but you should be most interested in those who subscribe to your channel. You want people who make a regular date to catch up with your latest show. In fact, building an audience should be one of the main reasons for you to make the effort to produce a quality show. You want people who will talk about and recommend it to their friends.

It will however take more than just a quality and interesting podcast to get an audience. You will have to spend time and effort marketing it to the world. Once the numbers start growing, it provides opportunities to monetize your podcast and use it as a way to sell your products or services.

You want to make money from podcasting.

While for most people podcasting is a hobby, there are those who make a substantial income from it. There are ways to monetize your podcast, for instance by having sponsors or advertisers. You will only be able to do so once you have attracted a large audience.

Sponsors and advertisers are not going to be interested if only a few hundred people listen to your show. You will need hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of downloads in order to attract big ad spend. There are additional ways to do affiliate marketing. For instance, adding links to your website from which you make a commission on sales that come from your referrals. This could be very handy when doing interviews with people from big companies who specialize in online sales. If ever you had a reason to start podcasting, making money is an important one.

You want to sell a product or service.

It does not matter what product or service you have to sell, podcasting can be an excellent medium with which to market yourself or your company. Perhaps you have written a book, or you have a consulting business. It may be that you provide a unique service such as hypnotherapy or tarot card reading. Perhaps you own a bricks-and mortars shop that needs to be promoted.

Whatever it is, if used in an innovative way, you can attract clients and make your business boom by having regular podcasts on the topics associated with your trade. However, you shouldn’t think of the podcast as just as one long advertisement. People want to be entertained too, and so you might have to carefully choose the format you use for your podcast series. (We will talk about formats in a future article. Come back often to learn more.)

You want to expand your network.

Interviewing people for your podcast series has the advantage of expanding your network. Most people are only too eager to be interviewed. This means you get to meet people you would not normally have the opportunity to interact with.

And as the size of your audience, so will your ability to reach powerful people who may be willing to take part in your endeavour, adding prestige to your project. And the other good thing is that you can start building relationships with these people, potentially offering them services or products they may require and that you can provide. What other reason would there be to start podcasting if it didn’t involve an audience?

You will have to keep in regular communication with these people and some may even become close personal friends.

These are just some of the reasons why you might want to start a podcast series. Perhaps you have your own reasons. If you want to discuss more ideas, head over to this Facebook Group.

You may need some help to get your podcast off the ground. There are professionals who work with podcasts every day who can help you. There are many aspects to consider, such as editing and packaging, uploading, graphic design, writing articles and marketing, to name a few. This can become an overwhelming amount of work for one person. You need a team behind you to take care of all your technical requirements. This frees you up to do what you do best – creating the content. Upgrade My Podcast is a company that will take your podcast to the next level. Contact them today.

5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Podcast

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